General Usage Guidelines

SATRO GmbH (SATRO), Wiedenbrücker Str. 80, 59555 Lippstadt, operates a website on the Internet for the purpose of providing information for and communicating with Internet users under the Internet address and further addresses.

In providing a telephone service, SATRO will only collect, process or use personal data (individual information about personal or factual circumstances of a certain or discernible person) if this is necessary to provide the telephone service (inventory data).

For statistical purposes, SATRO collects and saves certain types of information on visitors concerning the use of this website, such as the date and time of your visit, the type of browser, browser language, the IP address of the computer you used, the number of hits, the pages and sub-pages that were visited previously and the duration of the user session. This information is collectively known as web statistics. The SATRO website uses cookies to analyse the visitor behaviour. If you do not want cookies to be used, you can select the 'cookies off' option on your browser.

The inventory data will only be processed and used for other purposes if you, the user, grant expressed permission to do so. We will not take the use of the website as permission, nor is the use of the SATRO website dependent on you granting permission.

You have the right to revoke your permission for the storage, processing and use of your data at any time and effective for the future. This revocation can be made in writing or electronically. If you wish to revoke your permission, please send an email to > info[at]


SATRO is responsible for the content of the website in accordance with general law.  SATRO is only responsible in accordance with Section 3 of the German Teleservices Act [Telekommunikationsgesetz] for foreign content provided on the website for transmission, access or storage. Obligations to block the use of content which contravenes general law remain unaffected if SATRO gains knowledge of this content while respecting the secrecy of telecommunications in accordance with §88 TKG and such blocking is technically possible and reasonable.

All content of this website is the property of SATRO and is protected by copyright. The use of text and file content (e.g. press publications, data collections and the like) from this website is only permitted if documents remain unchanged, it is used for informative, non-commercial and personal purposes, the documents used are neither set up nor copied on third party network computers or websites, nor distributed in other media, and the copyright symbol and these usage conditions appear on all copies.

Use outside this usage licence is expressly forbidden. Infringements will be prosecuted. This usage licence does not include the right to use the design, layout, photos or images on this website or on another website belonging to a SATRO company or one which is operated by SATRO. The individual elements of this website are also copyright and trademark protected; they can be neither copied nor imitated entirely or in part outside the above points; this applies in particular for brands, logos, graphics and sound and image components which are used on this website.
All product names given on this website are SATRO brands, regardless of whether they are explicit and marked with the ® symbol or not. Brands from SATRO partners may also appear on these pages. The use of these symbols by third parties is forbidden. Products which are presented on this website for a German audience may be traded in other countries with different brands, names, configurations and compilations. Please contact SATRO Lippstadt if you have any questions.

The information contained on this website has been checked in detail for accuracy. SATRO cannot, however, accept any responsibility for the information serving the purpose required by the users. Access to the website and use of the documents offered there occurs at the user's own risk. We suspend our liability for any neglect of duty caused by slight negligence in so far as this does not affect any contractual obligations or guaranteed features and no claims under the product liability law are affected. The same applies for neglect of duty by our agents. The documents and associated images published on this website may contain technical or typographical errors. SATRO retains the right to make changes at any time. Programs are downloaded at the user's own risk. The user is independently responsible for ensuring sufficient data security. This applies especially when downloading programs from our websites.