Company Guidelines

Company Guidelines

At SATRO, we see our role as adding value to our partners in the dairy, vending and retail sectors. With our innovative functional blends, vending machine products and convenient hot drinks, we make a significant contribution to the success of our customers. That's what our four guiding principles and business ambitions are based on:


We aim to anticipate consumers' wishes and to offer our partners concepts and products with decisive competitive advantages.

Creating Solutions

We see ourselves as a proactive solution and customer-oriented company with dedicated and valuable staff.

Creating Confidence

We undertake to adhere to all legal standards and regulations, as well as the provisions and recommendations of our business partners, who reward us with their trust.

Creating Partnership

We aim for a long-term, close and cooperative partnership with our customers in the interests of both parties and for the good of the consumer.

Creating Respect

We respect regional specifics and pledge to treat available resources sustainably and responsibly, while paying close attention to issues that are relevant to food safety, quality, legality, occupational safety, health, and environmental protection. We also expect our staff, customers and contractual partners to commit to this pledge and uphold ethical business practices. We are dedicated to fairness in business and reject any form of discrimination.


Company Guidelines of Satro GmbH