Quality Management

Creating Values. - is our policy

Our quality policy is based on the SATRO company motto, "Creating Values". With our innovative and profitable products, we make a positive contribution, adding value for our customers. This customer focus is an important aspect, which contributes to our decisions regarding quality and ensuring and improving it on a daily basis. All of our staff members are ambitious and committed to this, and feel connected to the company goals. We consider the following to be the cornerstones of our quality policy:

Innovative capability for customer satisfaction

Our success depends on the satisfaction of our customers. Using innovations and new (product) ideas, we give our customers the confidence to grow with us, not just today, but in the future too. We think for our customers and aid them in optimising their products and increasing their profit.

Quality and leadership processes

Quality can't be ordered. It is the product of our hard work and a result of insight into and identification with the shared company and market goals. This teamwork, with cooperation between managerial and production staff, is characterised by the greatest possible level of transparency and open dialogue. Compulsory support in orientation, information and targeted training and further education improve quality standards among all members of staff.

Quality awareness Individual responsibility

Every member of staff is responsible for the results of their work and is required to contribute their ideas and participate in all areas, as well as submitting suggestions for improvement.

Consistent quality management

This is based on the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, as well as all procedures and measures which serve to implement and constantly improve our quality policy. The SATRO QM system is checked regularly and consistently and its effectiveness investigated using performance figures.