Research & Development

Creating Values.

Behind our claim is the distinguishing feature which sets us apart from the competition and characterises our work in research and development. Our aim is to allow you to maintain a distinctive competitive advantage in your specific market as a result of our investment in research and development. When developing new products or optimising old ones, when improving processes or introducing innovative products to the market, we support you as a professional partner.

Technological expertise

The SATRO Professional Pool is an experienced team of food technologists. In the development and production of functional blends, it is not just expertise in raw materials which is needed, but above all specialist knowledge of how the individual ingredients interact with each other and which effect is achieved by the functional ingredient complex in the end product. We invest in the training and further education of our team of experts, not just extending our own expertise, but also helping our customers to get ahead by positioning successful products in the market.

Modern laboratory

SATRO's team of experts understands production processes and our customers' application requirements. This allows all SATRO blends to be developed and produced in a way which is precisely tailored to the technical production and processing methods required for dairy products. Our modern SATRO laboratory has pilot plants to help with this. Here, the product requirements, which have been agreed individually with the customer, are tested under real-life conditions, right up to their introduction to the market. This reduces your development costs and adds value.

Fully equipped laboratory

Constant monitoring and checks is a vital part of quality assurance – starting from the receipt of the raw materials, throughout the production process, right through to the finished product. Our own laboratory offers an extensive range of chemical, physical and microbiological testing methods. In addition, an independent external laboratory tests the quality of the products. All laboratory staff are also given regular sensory training, keeping the focus on the consistent high quality of all SATRO products.