Business Fields

Blend solutions for dairy and vending

SATRO's business areas are based on technological know-how and expertise in compounding (mixing) spray-dried and powdered raw materials to create highly-refined functional blends. Our competence is reflected in three business areas:


SATRO blend solutions are used across the whole spectrum of dairy products. We specialise in functional ingredient mixes for the industrial production of milk mixes, desserts, fermented dairy products, cream cheese products and ice cream. These are conceived, produced, packaged and delivered in a tailor-made way, in close cooperation and taking into account the individual processes and product requirements.

VENDING professional

Every day, many millions of cups of SATRO QUALITY DRINKS (SQD) are freshly prepared in beverage vending machines and enjoyed in over 40 different countries. The SQD portfolio includes cocoa and chocolate drinks of the highest quality, innovative and trendy coffee specialities, a diverse range of teas and premium toppings and creamers to add that special touch to all kinds of coffee drinks.


SATRO has created the first instant cappuccino with a fine hint of cocoa, known as the "Family Cappuccino". Its simple preparation and exquisite taste are what make this product so popular with young and old alike. Trend varieties such as latte macchiato, cappuccino classic and iced coffee are ideal additions to the range.